An agency that gives back to the community

Many creative agencies run pro bono projects in order to win the next creative award. We don't believe in this philosophy - Our pro bono work is aimed at directly helping the community. JHL Digital typically takes on 2 community projects per year.
Our commercial client's can nominate an organisation for a community project. We will then develop a digital marketing program for the cause and execute free of charge.

Sydney Puppet Theatre is the only organisation that offer workshops on designing, producing and using puppets

Puppet Logo
They provide an invaluable service to the arts by educating and training the next generation of puppeteers. JHL Digital has attended performances and seen firsthand the joy a puppet show brings to a community.

An arts project that benefits the community

We developed a digital marketing plan that raises awareness for them. This includes developing a content strategy, SEO, content development, design and development of the website. Photography was a donation by Ingrid Teda Photography.
It is an eCommerce site streamlining all ticket sales and invoicing.


Healthy Sleep Solutions

Learn how we helped Australians get better sleep

TMS Australia

Impressive results on a minimal budget with TMS Australia

HCP Search

We created a dedicated healthcare search engine

I Want Better Sleep

We built a sleeping disorder resource for Australians