We created a dedicated healthcare search engine

Studies have shown that HCPs extensively use search as a means to find clinical information. The primary search engine used is Google, but this service is not designed for professional medical searches.
JHL Digital has built the first search service for healthcare professionals. Its a free community project for doctors to use, built with doctors, in consultation with doctors for doctors!
If you are a HCP, we would love your help in refining the service and will acknowledge your contribution on the website. For more information on how you can help Contact us here.
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Our commitment is to providing a free healthcare professional search service, so vital healthcare information can be found quickly and efficiently

Find the latest information on your searched topics. Gain access to medical articles relevant to your search on open access journals and find the latest clinical trials for an illness using hcpsearch.
We have built search profiles for each specialty of medicine so if you are in primary care, you can search like a cardiologist, nephrologist or gastroenterologist...

Search results are unbiased and not influenced by pharmaceutical companies

In 2019, we will allow company sponsorship which is separate to the main search function of the service. Sponsorship will not affect the integrity of the service and we ensure all search results will be independent and unbiased. The sponsorship will help maintain staff and pay hardware overheads.


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